About Us
  • EgAz came as a result of 10 years experience in commercial and other sectors with huge brand names as clients or partners betwenen Egypt and Azerbaijan.
  • Before we prepare to EgAz we spent the first 2 years from our experience in styding the Azeri pharmaceutical & CIS pharmaceutical market so actually we find very promising market for presernting the Egyption medicines to Azeri local market.
  • EgAz add more fabrics which have interesting to enter CIS countries especially Azerbaijan to our marketing base ,,, and put our experience & relation in CIS to open door for this fabrics to enter to CIS ,,, as Unipharma,Sigma and Sigma Tech.
  • EgAz add more countries in CIS especially that we establish a very strong relation and market from partner and they support us for marketing in this compass and also to create Central Office as Branch at every Main City inside CIS as Kiev and Baku (under registration) and to add high experience staff in these cities to solve any problem to face our clients when they start to register our flies.
  • EgAz now provide more facilities' to activate work and Support more companies and fabrics to enter as a Professional Player in CIS market.
  • EgAz acts as Buyer / exclusive agent for medicine which produce Large Egyptian Fabrics as (Pharanoia, Global Nabi GNP, Sigma, Sigma Tech , Hekma ,Holdipharma , Marcyrl ).
  • Pharco in 2010 took a good position of 20 Leaders from MOH in Azerbaijan as program prepared through our effort and did documentary program training for this team of leaders which bring result at the end to accept Pharco’s File as middle for foreign companies prepare them paper for registration.
  • EgAz awarded by Velga Group as the best medicine supplier.
  • EgAz International Policy

    For successful relations & perfect deals with our suppliers, EgAz recommend the following dealing options:

    1. EgAz has the ability to build its own market including registration and marketing for all kind of medicines which can be provided by companies.

    2. EgAz can act as a representative for registered suppliers.